Find here the conference programme and presentations :

Introduction Jean-François Caron (Navier/Ecole des Ponts)08:45 09:00
Worksite organisation via BIM, virtual worksite – Nicolas Klein Pascal Ughetto – Alexandre Mathieu-Fritz, Melanie Tual (LATTS/CSTB)09:25
Generative design of interlocking sequential assemblies – Pierre Gilibert, Olivier Baverel  (Navier)09:50
Human/Robot collaboration – Flore Barcellini, (Cnam)10:15
 Coffee Break10:40
Digitally prefabricated reinforced concrete beam – Sébastien Maitenaz, Jean-François Caron, Romain Mesnil,  (ENPC/ISC-Vinci)11:30
Environmental Impact and Life Cycle Analysis of robotized manufacturing scenarios – Adélaide Feraille, Charlotte Roux (Navier)11:55
Keynote : Analysis of Construction Robotics during the last 4 decades and a vision for our future -Thomas Bock, TU Munich12:20
Machine vision for construction sites – Rodrigo Rill Garcia (Navier, LIGM), Eva Dokladalova (LIGM), Petr Dokladal (PSL Paris)14:15
Automation of wood construction – Loïc Simonin (Simonin)14:40
BIM to Robot, digital model and construction site roboticsTristan Gobin (Halrobotics)15:05
From indoor factories to outdoor building sites: influence of physical environmental constraints – Michel Bornert, Emmanuel Keita, Nicolas Roussel  (Navier)15:30
 Offsite large scale 3D printing for the building industry, case studies  – Romain Duballet (XtreeE)15:55
Closing / Visit of the Build’In facilities 

The DiXite project team hosted a workshop the 17th of October 2022. 6 actions allowed to develop a pluridisciplinary research around construction scenarios where automatized and digitalized processes are used to build and maintain tomorrow’s city. The workshop presented a summary of these outcomes and provided perspectives to this platform. The workshop was the opportunity to discuss more largely these topics, and to attend keynotes of invited experts (see the workshop program). A visit of the technological regional platform Build’In was organized.