Steering committee


Jean-François Caron

Project coordinator
Jean-François Caron leads the Architected Materials and Structures (MSA) department of the Navier Laboratory and is Professor at Ecole des Ponts Paristech. His scientific contributions concerns essentially the modelling of multilayered structures and composites, and the study of innovative composite structures. He shared in 2006 the Tsuboi best paper award from the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS) and in 2017 the « Outstanding paper award »  from the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) for his work on composite gridshells. He is member since 2012 of the European working groupe WG4 “Fibre Reinforced Polymer Structures” developing composite Material Eurocode for new structures. For Three years, his research also focuses on digital construction, 3D printing and robot for construction and he leads the scientific developments of the new robotic platform of Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Build’in.

Affiliation: Navier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRS

Nicolas Roussel

Project co-lead
Nicolas Roussel is in charge of the rheology and processing of construction materials team at IFSTTAR. He is the author of more than 100 international journal papers in this field. He received in 2007 the Robert L’Hermite Medal for his work on rheology of fresh concrete. He is chairing the Technical Advisory Committee of the International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures (RILEM) and the recent RILEM Technical Committee on Digital fabrication with cement‐based materials. He is editor in chief of RILEM technical letters, deputy editor in chief of Materials and structures and associate editor for Cement and concrete Research and Advances in Cement Research.

Affiliation: Navier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRS

Principal investigators

NameAffiliationResearch areas expertise
Jean-François CaronNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRSmechanics of materials and structures. Design of multilayers, structural conception, scale 1 fabrication, scientific director of Build'In Lab robotic platform.
Olivier BaverelNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRSStructural engineering, Architecture
Romain MesnilBuild'In Lab, ENPCStructural engineering, Complex geometries, Mathematics, responsible of Build'In Lab robotic platform.
Adelaide FerailleNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRSLife Cycle Assessment, construction materials, environmental databases
Nicolas RousselNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRSRheology, construction materials, civil engineering
Emmanuel KeitaNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRSMaterial science for civil engineering, water transfer
Michel BornertNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRSMicromechanics
Charlotte RouxLab'Urba Laboratory, EIVP/UPEC/UPEMLife Cycle Assessment, circular economy
Robert Le RoyGSA Laboratory, ENSAPMMaterials science, design of structures, concrete technology
Serge Botton IGN/ENSG/DPTSPrecise Positioning : GNSS
Jacques Beilin IGN/ENSG/DPTSPrecise Positioning : GNSS
Franck Tertre IGN/ENSG/DPTSPrecise Positioning : GNSS
Alexandre Mathieu-FritzLATTS Laboratory, ENPC/UPEM/CNRSSociology of professions, sociology of work : technical change and its impact on the labour divison and the cooperation between professionals or workers
Pascal UghettoLATTS Laboratory, ENPC/UPEM/CNRSOrganization studies, sociology of work: changes, espacially due to new technologies, in work activity and its organization and in skills.
Thierry GrandpierreLIGM Laboratory, ENPC/ESIEE/UPEM/CNRSMethodology for fast prototyping of real-time application, multicomponent computing systems, virtual and augmented reality
Eva DokladalovaLIGM Laboratory, ENPC/ESIEE/UPEM/CNRSEmbedded vision systems, image processing, real-time computer vision, high performance computing systems.
Renaud MarletLIGM Laboratory, ENPC/ESIEE/UPEM/CNRSRobust and accurate camera registration, 3D reconstruction, geometry processing, semantization, buildings and urban scenes
Pascal MonasseLIGM Laboratory, ENPC/ESIEE/UPEM/CNRSCamera calibration and registration, 3D reconstruction from images, image processing
Mathieu AubryLIGM Laboratory, ENPC/ESIEE/UPEM/CNRSDeep learning, analysis and use of 3D models
Othman Omikrine-MetalssiMAST-FM2D Laboratory, IFSTTARDurability of supplementary cementitious materials, early age exposure.
Teddy Fen-ChongMAST-FM2D Laboratory, IFSTTARPoromechanics, durability of construction materials
Odile AbrahamGeoEND Laboratory, IFSTTARNon Destructive Evaluation, ultrasonics, coda, surface waves, NDT, concrete
Xavier DerobertGeoEND Laboratory, IFSTTARNon Destructive Evaluation, Radar, electromagnetism, NDT, concrete, soils
Bogdan CazacliuGPEM Laboratory, IFSTTARCementitious materials mixing, in-line rheology during mixing and transport
Ricardo ArtoniGPEM Laboratory, IFSTTARFlow properties of granular fluids
Nicolas RoquetGPEM Laboratory, IFSTTARNumerical simulations of complex fluids in complex geometry
Jean-François BlasselEAVTArchitecture, Engineering
Marc MimramEAVTArchitecture, Engineering
Mélanie TualCSTBIntegration of urban uses and users into BIM
Rémi MontorioCSTBBIM methods applied to the different territorial scales
Romain MègeCSTBStructures evaluation, Risk Mitigation, Structural Dynamics
Philippe LeblondCSTBStructures evaluation, 3D printing process evaluation, Masonry
Guillaume PicinbonoCSTBDigitalization of building products and materials
Arnaud MistreCSTBReality modelling, UAV, Augmented reality, IOTon construction sites
Tristan GobinHAL RoboticsVersatile robot programming for industries and construction


NameAffiliationPartnerResearch areas expertise
Romain DuballetNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRSLafargeHolcimBuilding systems for additive concrete manufacturing
Wenqiang ZuoNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRS
Vianney LoingNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRS
Complex masonry systems, machine vision for on-site robotic assemblies

PhD candidates

NameAffiliationPartnerResearch areas expertise
Sébastien MaitenazNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRS Vinci ConstructionReinforced concrete
Nicolas DucoulombierNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRSLabex MMCDAnisotropic concrete additive manufacturing
Léo DemontNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRSAnisotropic concrete additive manufacturing
Paul CarneauNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRSAdditive concrete manufacturing of cantilevers
Navier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRS
Machine vision for robotic manipulators
Julien GlathNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRSDiXiteRobotic assemblies for demountable construction
Camille BoutemyNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRSDiXiteAdaptive formworks for concrete construction
Kateryna KuzmenkoNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRSKardham Cardete HuetEnvironmental impact and Life Cycle Analysis of new digitized construction processes
Pierre GilibertNavier Laboratory, ENPC/IFSTTAR/CNRSDiXiteGenerative design of assemblies for demountable construction