Industrial Partners

Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB)

The mission of the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB) is to ensure the quality and safety of buildings. It brings together multidisciplinary skills to develop and share essential scientific and technical knowledge covering construction products and buildings, and their integration into neighborhoods and cities. It guides skateholders in the cycle of innovation from idea to market and supports the transformation of the construction sector in the context of the digital, environmental and energy transitions. The CSTB focuses on five key activities: research and expertise, evaluation, certification, testing and the dissemination of knowledge.

VINCI Construction

VINCI Construction, the leading French building and civil engineering group and a global player, operates on five continents with more than 70,000 employees and 700 companies. Firmly rooted in its host geographies, it designs and builds structures and infrastructure that address the major issues facing society, namely global warming, population growth and increasing mobility.

HAL Robotics

HAL Robotics is a London-based company providing advanced robot programming consultancy and a complete and versatile set of software tools to allow integrators, engineers, architects and designers to program and simulate tasks to be executed by industrial robotic arms.


XtreeE develops advanced large-scale 3D printing technology for the architectural design, engineering and construction sector. It provides renting of large-scale 3D printing systems and consultancy to help its clients discover and quantify the benefits of large-scale 3D printing, through collaborative design and prototype manufacturing.