Related initiatives


Build’in is the experimental research platform on construction robotics of l’Ecole des Ponts ParisTech. It is part of a Co-Innovation Lab, devoted to collaborative research between academic and industrial partners. Build’in is structured on the expertise of Laboratoire Navier and LIGM and gathers researchers from various background (mechanics of materials, structural design, computer vision, AI…) around innovative projects and demonstrators.


Impulsion project GAMES, led by Laurent Hauswirth (UPEM) and Cyril Douthe (IFSTTAR), proposes to convince by Robot Oriented Design and demonstrators, builders and design offices of the relevance of a mathematical model enriched by recent discoveries to build a more rational city ecologically and economically. The prototypes will offer a visual object for the communication with industrial partners.

Design by Data

The Design by Data Advanced Master – Mastère Spécialisé provides attendees with a cross-disciplinary culture of computational design and a comprehensive knowledge of cutting-edge technologies in the fields of parametric architecture, robotics, digital manufacturing and 3D printing for the construction industry. The program is designed for a selected group of architects, engineers, designers and digital artists and offers a variety of courses, fabrication and prototyping workshops, conferences, digital talks and networking events.


The THINkSHELL project encourages and accompanies expeditions in the field of structural engineering. It promotes an integrated vision of research, education and fabrication which embraces the whole design process from the very first sketches to the construction of full scale buildings, from material/assembly testings to the development of original numerical tools.