Reinforced concrete is, by far, the most-used construction material on earth. Challenges related to environmental issues demand to entirely rethink reinforced concrete design and construction processes in order to build faster and in a more sustainable way so as to transform an industry that remains largely unchanged since the middle of the twentieth century.

Supervised by the Navier Laboratory and ISC-VINCI, a global player in concessions and construction, this PhD thesis re-explores from a technological, economical and regulation point of view, the reinforced concrete in the light of the new digital processes and environmental issues. Thanks to the regional technological platform Build’In from Ecole des Ponts ParisTech which is devoted to digital R&D in construction, robotic assembly, 3d printing, topology optimization, are used to propose innovative processes and design methodologies for the construction of reinforced concrete beams or slabs. 

Automated production line for reinforcement cages of beams
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