Director : O. Baverel | Researchers : T. Gobin | PhD candidates : P. Gilibert, J. Glath

In the context of construction regulation, “thermal regulation” will become “energy and environmental regulation”. It is no longer only the thermal performance of buildings that counts, but also their manufacture. Therein, the question of the life cycle and dismantling of buildings arises.

Technological advances in digital fabrication and robotics will make it possible to rethink and implement the circular economy. For example, by revisiting old techniques such as Japanese assemblies using very little steel but a lot of cutting time. These assemblies using less resources than a modern assembly have the advantage of allowing the structure to be dismantled at the end of its life and therefore to be able to reuse the structural elements without destroying them.

To give some possible answers, the themes of Design of non-sequential assemblies at the assembly scale and at the structure scale are proposed. Developing innovative solutions may challenge entire construction systems, and robots are the ideal tool for carrying out such task.

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