Directors : A. Feraille, C. Roux | PhD candidates : K. Kuzmenko

Does new digitized construction scenarios lead to more rational resource management? Better environmental impact? The aim is to conduct an environmental audit using the standardised method (ISO 14040) of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). LCA is a way of performing an analysis that is multistage (including all stages in the life cycle) and multi-criterion (inclusion of different environmental indicators) in order to avoid pollution transfers. LCA methodology has been created for industrial products and its adaptation to construction field is underway [Feraille 2016]. When the DiXite construction scenario will be sufficiently mature, a post-doc, during 18 months, will carry out a LCA of this new technology, which will be compared from an environmental perspective with conventional concrete building technologies and equivalents. This LCA will be combined with cost and societal analyses, since these three factors need to be considered in parallel within a sustainable development framework. The LCAs will require close analysis of the processes employed and very rigorous collection of the necessary data, in order to identify key parameters and to carry out sensitivity analyses with a view to eco-design. Regarding circular analysis, we propose to analyze the potentialities of additive manufacturing, particularly in the context of the rationalization of the natural resource.


Kuzmenko, K., Gaudilliere, N., Feraille, A., Dirrenberger, J., Baverel, O., (2020). Assessing the Environmental Viability of 3D Concrete Printing Technology. 10.1007/978-3-030-29829-6_40.

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